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About the Bible Minor

The Bible Minor at Cedarville

Like all students at Cedarville, you will complete a Bible minor as part of your general education coursework. Our popular sequence of five courses that make up the Bible minor will stretch you to think about God, His Word, and His world in whole new ways and will challenge you to apply Scripture to all aspects of your life.

Cedarville is pleased to make this outstanding Bible teaching available to everyone through our online Bible Minor Project. Every lecture from all five courses will be recorded and, when completed, made available for free for personal enrichment, group Bible studies, and the benefit of the church.

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Program Highlights

You will take a series of five courses in order, each of them building on the other to increase your knowledge of Scripture and its role in your life.

Bible Minor Overview

Why a Bible Minor?

All students, regardless of major, will complete a Bible minor.

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Why a Bible Minor?

Read a recent article by Dr. Jason Lee, Dean of the School of Biblical and Theological Studies, on why a Bible minor is a critical component to your degree program.

How Do Chapel and the Bible Minor Contribute to Spiritual Growth?

Course Descriptions

  • The Bible and the Gospel will challenge you to pursue a deep and growing relationship with Christ through personal, inductive study of God's Word.
  • Old Testament Literature and New Testament Literature will make the Bible real as you explore chapters, stories, events, and literary forms as they fit together in God's redemptive story.
  • Theology 1 and Theology 2 will synthesize and systematize your biblical knowledge as you seek to understand what God says about the great questions of the past and present.
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Free Online Bible Minor Courses

Cedarville's Bible minor course lectures are available for video download, providing an exceptional resource for personal and community study. 

Program Curriculum

This minor requires 15 semester hours of coursework.

Sample courses:

  • The Bible and the Gospel
  • Old Testament Literature and New Testament Literature
  • Theology 1 and Theology 2

Program Format and Related Programs

Cedarville offers both graduate and undergraduate programs, with flexible completion options. You may also want to consider these related programs as you consider the degree or program that is a best fit for you.

Program Level and Format

  • Undergraduate
  • Residential